paul jove, pituko, pitukolitz, liberato jove

projects & bands:

kosmic turtle, amanda’s dreamscape,

vas deferens


guitar, electronic analog gear, computer virtual instruments

other jobs:

vegetarian restaurant owner, edm label owner


Musician from the heart since many years ago always interested in music been able to grow up bi-culturally in the U.S. & Bolivia. A few rock/alternative bands between 91-2001 as well as more experimental projects with music between 1996 - 2001. With a great interest in the possibilities of music w/the electronic sounds. Picked up djing in 2001 and hence the interest in electronic dance music was at 150% and til now cruising on this highway of endless possibilities. During my short life i had also lots of interests in all kinds of music and would make mix tapes for friends and gfriends - this venture in music also got me acquainted with the radio world and with this background I applied for a time slot at community radio station and ran a program called "Global Electronic" where i showcased various styles of music worldwide and ran a span of 2.5 years.

Currently residing in La Paz, Bolivia where I spread the groove around at clubs/parties/v.i.p's/etcc.. as a dj. Shared the stage, opened up/closed, hung out with names such as Astroboy, Dysphonix, Butane, Tiesto, Mistress d Funk, Phoenix, Bruno Pronsato, Oscar and others. I hold a once in a while music night at Namas Té featuring more of the up and coming names from Bolivia. Gathering artists/producers to release some tunes on my own San Pedro Music label. Also release otherproductions on CE Records as well as remixes for bolivian artists.


Life is art...