What art means to me.

Art, like our universe, has an infinite amount of meanings. To me, art is the elixir of life because it gives me the joy to live. Art is the essence of my existence.

I see murals as expressions of the world in which we live. They create a visual language that transcends time and create visual dialogues of social, cultural, and sometimes controversial issues that develop a shared social conscience. My function, as the artist, is to communicate these stories.

My knowledge of sculpting and mathematics has given me a keen eye for design and detail that Iíve used for over 10 years in my murals. Each mural I paint is built on a precise mathematical foundation to the point that my art has become a science. Because we all have multiple narratives running through our lives, I make a conscious decision to bring multi-dimensional elements into my work by incorporating sometimes up to four to seven different focal points in my murals. My art work is also incredibly unique due to the quality of my paints. Many of the paints I use are ten, twenty, sometimes thirty years old. By sealing and replenishing the paints, the colors in my murals are vivid and potent.

The wonder and universal beauty of humanity is a common theme in much of my work. Iím a strong believer that everyone is connected and that the universe exists within us all. I sometimes represent our universal connections with visuals of stars and galaxies. I also enjoy incorporating whimsical themes into my work along with the creation of illusionary reality by distorting space that allows a viewer to get lost in the art work.

I believe art can break the chains that constrain our minds and blind us from our shared experiences. My art conveys my love of humanity, and my greatest inspiration is the nature of love, the strongest force in the world.


Gonz Jove | San Pedro Studios

Gonz Jove ( 1955 - ) was born and lived in La Paz, Bolivia until the age of 10 when he emigrated to the U.S. He drew and painted from an early age, formalizing his studies at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville where he graduated with a BFA in 1978 with extensive coursework in Architecture and Mathematics. Although Gonz’s degree is in sculpting, his activity in art includes painting with a keen eye for design and detail for over 30 years and today is considered one of the foremost muralists in Bolivia.

While living in Chicago, Gonz became inspired by a new dawn in Bolivian history: the election of the first indigenous president, Evo Morales Ayma in 2006. In 2007 he submitted one of his most important paintings for a government sponsored Art contest that so impressed the authorities, the Bolivian Department of Justice commissioned him to translate this painting called ‚ÄúUsurpacion del Boliviano‚ÄĚ (The Usurpation of the Bolivian) onto a huge mural located in ‚ÄúEl Prado,‚ÄĚ the main boulevard in La Paz. This extraordinarily political mural, inspired by the works of Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco, was meant to serve as a discursively charged panorama of Bolivian history depicting the moments of both tragedy and resistance that have marked Bolivia‚Äôs complicated historical trajectory, yet it also portrays a positive vision of hope and optimism for the future. A foreign correspondent labeled it as ‚ÄúBolivian history in 5 minutes,‚ÄĚ and Professor Mark Goodale used a partial photograph of this mural to grace the front and back of his textbook ‚ÄúSurrendering to Utopia: An Anthropology of Human Rights.‚ÄĚ

After many years of living in the U.S., Gonz decided to return to Bolivia during this exciting time in its history not only to complete various murals in public and private spaces but to also share his knowledge and passion with other local artists, some of who make up his collective ‚ÄúSan Pedro Estudios.‚ÄĚ


Year Commission Establishment Location
2014 Mural Restoration - History of University Autonomy Universidad Mayor de San Andres (U.M.S.A.) (in progress) La Paz, Bolivia
2014 Mural - Art and Empowerment Better Family Life (in progress) St. Louis, MO
2014 Painting - Stairs To Nowhere Steve Haas Houston, TX
2014 Painting - Bevo Mill Fiberglass Cake STL250 St. Louis, MO
2013 Mural - The Crown 21st Century After School Program St. Louis, MO
2013 Mural - Choir Singing onto Earth Second Baptist Church Lincoln, IL
2013 Mural - New Wing St Louis Art Museum St. Louis Art Museum St. Louis, MO
2013 Painting - Voyage Thru The World of Arts & Science Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL
2013 Mural - Mural Bolivia Mapa Como Arte Maarten van der Ploeg La Paz, Bolivia
2012 Mural - Views of the World and Bolivia Travel Agency La Paz La Paz, Bolivia
2012 Sculpture - Namaste Gardens Namaste Restaurant La Paz, Bolivia
2012 Sculptures - Six Bolivian Ethnic Groups Empoder, Swiss Embassy La Paz, Bolivia
2011 Mural - Decolonization of Bolivian Justice Bolivian Department of Justice &Cosude La Paz, Bolivia
2011 Painting - Human Rights Dra. Miriam Campos, Human Rights Attorney La Paz, Bolivia
2011 Mural - Athletic Figures;University Gym Law School, Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA) La Paz, Bolivia
2011 Sculpture - Themis Goddess, 2.89 mts UMSA La Paz, Bolivia
2011 Mural - History of University Autonomy UMSA La Paz, Bolivia
2010 Painting - South America;"HOPE" Rolf Oberliesen Bremen, Germany
2010 Mural - The history of Law UMSA La Paz, Bolivia
2010 Mural - Cecilio and Marina Mayor's Office of LaPaz La Paz, Bolivia
2009 Sculpture - Ethnic Children as Constructors, Part 2 Empoder, Swiss Embassy La Paz, Bolivia
2009 Mural - Ingles Catolico Ingles Catolico School La Paz, Bolivia
2008 Sculpture - Ethnic Children as Constructors, Part 1 Empoder, Swiss Embassy La Paz, Bolivia
2008 Mural - Usurpacion del Boliviano Bolivian Department of Justice, Cosude y Fundecyd La Paz, Bolivia
2005 Painting - Highway Shoelace New Balance Chicago, IL
1998 Sculpture - Outdoor Wooden Structure Artsifartsi Gallery Tampa, FL
1995 Sculpture - Wooden Design and Construction Marquee "X-Presión Arte y Café" Gallery La Paz, Bolivia
1987 Painting - Portrait of a Pioneer Private Residence St. Louis, MO
1986 Sculpture - Living Environmental Wooden Spools Private Residence St. Louis, MO

Exhibitions - Solo and Group

Year Exhibit Establishment Location
2014 Summer Regional Exhibition St. Louis Artists' Guild St. Louis, MO
2014 33 Jan/Feb Art - Exhibit The Old Orchard Gallery St. Louis, MO
2013 Ribbon Cutting Art and Design West Building Southern Illinois University SIUE Edwardsville, IL
2009 Bolivian Pixels Instituto "Andres Bello" La Paz, Bolivia
2008 Apacheta Show Casa de La Cultura Gallery La Paz, Bolivia
2008 New Works 2008 Namaste Galleries La Paz, Bolivia
2007 Latin American Roots St. Louis, MO
2006 "Soliloquy" High Risk Gallery Chicago, IL
2006 Mural Contests Tambo Quirquincho Gallery La Paz, Bolivia
2001 "Connections to the Real" Agora Gallery SOHO, NY
2000 "New Art for the Next Millennium" Acid Gallery St. Louis, MO
2000 "The Next Evolution in Art Syberg Studios and Gallery Sunset Hills, MO
2000 "Best of 99" Park Gallery at Lafayette Square St. Louis, MO
1999 "Soul of a Woman" Arts Group of Union Ave., Christian Church St. Louis, MO
1999 "Slight of Hand Sculpture & Fine Crafts Exhibition" St. Louis Artist Guild St. Louis, MO
1998 "Outdoor Sculpture Garden" Artsifartsi Gallery of Fine Contemporary Art Tampa, FL
1998 Sample Portfolio Michael Murphy Gallery Tampa, FL
1998 "Jazz on View" St. Louis Artist Guild St. Louis, MO
1996 "Exposition of Bolivian/American Art" St. Louis Artist Guild St. Louis, MO
1995 New Gallery in San Pedro X-Presión Gallery La Paz, Bolivia
1984 Installation Prudential Savings and Loan St. Louis, MO
1983 Installation Bethesda Hospital St. Louis, MO
1982 "25th Anniversary Alumni Show" Southern Illinois University Edwarsville, IL
1982 CASA Catholic Apostolic Spanish American Church St. Louis, MO
1981 Installation Jefferson Gravois Bank St. Louis, MO
1980 Installation First National Bank St. Louis, MO
1980 Showcase Ralston Purina St. Louis, MO
1979 Showcase Sunshine Inn St. Louis, MO
1978 Showcase Mother Earth Gallery St. Louis, MO
1977 Undergraduate Exhibition Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (SIUE) Edwardsville, IL

Awards Received

Year Exhibit Award
2007 Painting turned Mural "Usurpation of the Bolivian" Bolivian Government Art Contest, First Place
1999 "Slight of Hand Sculpture and Fine Crafts Exhibition" Anonymous 3rd Place Prize
1998 "Jazz on View" &"Tears for Lennon" Placed on Top Five
1996 "Exposición Futurística" &"Soccer is My Other Lover" Artsifartsi First Place
1995 "Nueva Galería en San Pedro" &"Cholita en Moto" First Place
1982 "Homage to Nature" - 25th Anniversary Alumni Show Honorable Mention

Professional Representation &Education

Year Representation Location
Sep. 2008 - Present San Pedro Studios La Paz, Bolivia
Oct. 1999 - Dec. 2001 "Welcome to Art St. Louis"
Sept. 1999 - Sept. 2000 "Art on the Internet"
Sept. 1999 - Sept. 2000 Agora Gallery 560 Broadway #502 SOHO, NY
Feb. 1998 - Present Active member of St. Louis Artist Guild St. Louis, MO
May 1978 Bachelor of Fine arts in Sculpture/Mathematics Southern Illinois Univerisity, Edwardsville, IL
1978 - 1979 Graduate Courses in Architecture University of Missouri St Louis, MO


Bolivia | USA

Gonz Jove
C. Zoilo Flores #1334
LaPaz, Bolivia S.A.

Gonz Jove
1918 Nebraska
St. Louis, Mo 63104