WHAT IS ART TO ME? WHAT IS ART? DOES IT HAVE A SPECIFIC DEFINITION OR IS IT DIFFERENT FOR EVERYBODY? I BELIEVE THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF ART. THERE IS NO SPECIFIC DEFINITION. Art has an infinite amount of meanings - like our universe. To me Art is the elixir of life; it gives me the joy to live. Art is the essence of my existence; my constant companion that I can confide in, it nags and comforts me. It is a perfect mate.
In my younger years I believed emotions were the catalyst of my expressions but as I matured I realized that was emotional conclusion, an erroneous assumption. Today as I discover more about us human beings, in particular our beginnings, I see how insignificant we are in the whole scheme of things but yet follow an evolutionary universal law. The grandeur of the universe has left me in awe – questioning our perception of a three dimensional world.
Today I have been immersed in other possibilities, like different planes of existence, parallel universes, the relevance of infinite space with the inner space, black holes that exist not only in outer universe but also in our immediate space. The order in the universe is so exact and precise and expressed in such detail that there are definitely rules that are working here and those rules also apply to the art that is being carried out by this body. I believe there are specific rules in creating art no matter how abstract they are expressed. These rules are mathematical in every sense of the word; there is no randomness or emotion. Art is an exact science and to understand it one must acquire knowledge. This knowledge we are required to learn in order to express ourselves as human beings is processed through the brain in a very logical sequence. Therefore it follows an order, an order of events, a universal law of deduction. Art is no longer an emotional outlet. To me, Art is a science that has specific rules like the rest of the universe.