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San Pedro Music is proud to present it's first compilation of bolivian artists from the label as well as a couple of guests who gave forth their sounds to make it an even more complete long play. San Pedro Music Compilation Vol. 1 expands on a part of the whole creative process happening in the contemporary electronic music scene in Bolivia. Here the listener will find songs that can be enjoyed by the listening ear as well a few potential dance tracks to be used in a creative and explorative dj set.

Artist: Various
Album: San Pedro Music Compilation Vol. 1
Label: San Pedro Music | Cat.: SPM009
Style: Electronic, ambient, house, techno, lounge, experimental
Tracks: 12
Size: 158.6MB
Quality: 320kbps - 44.1khz
Release Date: Physical collector compact disc (only Bolivia) 11th June | Digital August 6, 2011

Complete download of this release is here or hotfile.

1.  Intro       Paul Jove
Written & produced by Paul Jove in 2006.
Percussion: Daniel Rico & Jacinto Rosa
San Pedro Music 2011
2.  Menage            Trans
Written, produced and performed by Javier Grossman
Mixed by Pablo Arraya @ Piranha Studios.
From the album 'Sueños Tribales'
San Pedro Music 2011

3. Pressure            Black To Mono
Written and produced by J.Zamora & NN.
Mixed and mastered by Paul Jove @ San Pedro Estudios.
Courtesy of Random Is Not Whatever Records 2010

4.   Reaktivate            Dysphonix
Written and produced by Dysphonix, 2010.

5.   Lluvia            Phatos
Written, produced and experimented by Diego Yapur.
San Pedro Music 2011

6.  Expreso Sur         Guerrero
Written and produced by Marcelo Guerrero.
Guitars: Juan Ernesto Saavedra Rivera
Acapella: The Wizard Brian Coxx  'My Dream' (Defected)
San Pedro Music 2011

7. Vintage Shoes        Guerrero
Written and produced by Marcelo Guerrero.
Acapella: Roach Motel  'The Night' (Defected)
San Pedro Music 2011

8. Sanitizador         Paul Jove
Written and produced by Paul Jove.
San Pedro Music 2011

9. Circo cortito        Enrique Calvetty
Written and produced by Enrique Calvetty.
San Pedro Music 2011

10. Estancia de la Luna    Karras
Written and produced by Manrico Montero.
Courtesy of Mandorla Records 2006

11. Influx (Live)            Kosmic Turtle & Dan Green
Written, produced & recorded live in 2003 by Javier Grossman, Paul Jove and Dan Green.
San Pedro Music 2011

12. Ppt 80 (Paul Jove 2011 rework)    Kosmic Turtle
Written by Javier Grossman & Paul Jove in 2003.
Additional production and rework by Paul Jove.
San Pedro Music 2011

13. Cab confessions Paul and Carlos Jove
Experimented by Paul and Carlos Jove in 1999
San Pedro Music 2011

Reactions and feedbacks:

Claudio Coccoluto (Radio Deejayy, Rome) - great stuff

Matt Star - Expreso sur & sanitizandor are the ones for me.

Pepe Arcade (Irdial Music, Rez, Pong Musiq) - Circo Cortito and Reaktivate is for me!

Pablo Razz (Panta Muzik) - I reaaly like this release.... too mmany styles !!!

Reka - Dysphonix´s track for me. Thankss!

Kat Kat Tat from Planetkat (Raveeline, Planetkat, - heyyyyy! buenos aires sending a signal to san pedro! very amazed by the wicked frequencies coming out of bolivia!!! as usual it is the most interesting to hear autoctonous beats not just reformulated copy!let us know where the partty is!

Tsugi Mag - nice one

Franco Bianco - Great release! Thanks! :)

Jon Pierce (Mixed Up, RTE Pulse) - some bits work for me...but lovin' the guerrero track!

Rodrigo Rivera - Like it! Specialy Sanitizador, pfff a good bomb

Pressplay DJ's Radio - great release cirico cortito doing the bizz for me

Zhao - Like the Dysphonix track... innovative & old school at the same time.

Oscar (KarateKlub) i really enjoy your compilation, some nice tracks here!
especially this one: Circo Cortito - Enrique Calvetty

Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS) - great stuff

Mike Kelly .... also Mike Maas (Sorry Shoes, 925 Digital, Baroque, Bilingual, Bedroom Muzik, Gua) - expreso sur, and sanitizador are both good

Gare Mat K (Progrezo, Baroque, BPitch Ctrl Pool, Hypnotzd Music, frisky, Di.) - solid stuff. supp

Manuel Sofia (Natura Sonoris, Sudbeat, Noizen) - Some interesting stuff in here. Will definitely try some of these out :)

William Welt (Eminor, 22 Digit Records) - Nice E.P hard to pick a favourite but I think "Sanitizador" is the one for me, nice mix of live sounding
percussion and unusual synths. Full support:-)

Tyler Smith - Nice release with some interesting tracks for various moods sets. Dysphonix' track is my fav.

Andrea Ferlin - expresso sur for me

Carlos Alfonsin - Great Bolivian music

Deep South Audio (Volcano Radio ) - solid beats

Jan Urban / - Thanks for the music. Very nice package! Will support it :-)

Pierre - dysphonix made the dope track

Velya - nice compilation. Calvetty & Jove mixes are great.

Alex Deep (Pure Substance/Gooseneck Records)) - Expreso sur for me

Mix FM Lebanon - Interesting release -glad to hear the sounds of Bolivia! ;) - unique!!!

Atix ( Division Virutel / Katapult) - Enrique calvetty /

Tuncay Celik (MyNightlife.FM) - Circo Coritio works for me.. THx


Le Vinyl (i Records/1Trax/Save room/Reisei records) - nice pack thx :) Magazine - good sound :)


This compilation is just another re-assurance that music is our first and foremost commitment as artists and label. We hope you enjoy this release and we do look forward to your comments and feedbacks, drop us a mail at the address below!